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Welcome to the Thomas Wolsey School Outreach Service

The Thomas Wolsey Outreach Service was set up in 2001 to support the inclusion of pupils with physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties into mainstream schools in Suffolk. The Service promotes joint partnership working and this model has proved extremely successful as evidenced by Ofsted, Suffolk head teachers and parents. The service aims to upskills school staff to enable schools to be fully inclusive for all pupils.


"The Outreach Service makes an outstanding contribution to the achievement and well-being of pupils at Thomas Wolsey and in schools across Suffolk. Schools receiving this support are effusive in their praise and recognition of its positive impact on pupils’ achievement and personal development.”
Ofsted 2012

‘"The support for schools provided by the Outreach Service is highly valued by head teachers."
Ofsted December 2014


The Outreach Service has been an invaluable source of expertise, knowledge, resources and equipment for K over the last 3 years. Without their wonderfully professional support we would not have been able to provide the complex support that enabled quality mainstream learning provision for our dual placement pupils.
Suffolk Headteacher November 2014

Thomas Wolsey's SEN Outreach Service has been invaluable in supporting our staff, pupils and parents to develop inclusive practice over many years. As a school we have valued the contribution which this service has made to how we reflect on and provide high quality teaching for all of our pupils.’
46 Thomas Wolsey School pupils currently have dual placements with mainstream schools in Suffolk. Pupils spend some of their week in a mainstream school and the remainder of the week in the special school. This provides the best of both worlds for the pupils as they have specialist provision and the expertise of the multi professional team at Thomas Wolsey School and mainstream opportunities in their local school. All placements are bespoke and are supported by the experienced multi professional Outreach team. ‘The incredible support from the Outreach team at Thomas Wolsey- enables our daughter to experience 'inclusion' at its greatest, where she is able to learn, thrive and socialise at every level’
November 2014
County ICT assessment service.
There are many reasons children struggle to acquire handwriting skills. It is one of the most complex skills we learn and teach. The County ICT assessment service offers assessment and support to children with physical access difficulties and/or difficulties with writing and reading who require specialist software and equipment to enable them to access the curriculum. The Service is available to children in school who are resident in Suffolk, or have a statement of SEN /EHC plan maintained by the County; and aims to support the child’s right to full and equal access to the curriculum. The service is currently based at Thomas Wolsey School within a purpose built suite, and has an extensive bank of resources available for use during assessment. All assessments are followed up with a detailed report making recommendations for the school to implement. Each school is offered follow up visits and training where required. The service also offers courses to mainstream school staff looking at why some children find it so difficult to learn to write, and alternatives ways of recording work and evidencing learning across the curriculum.
Manual Handling advice and training
The manual handling advisor based at Thomas Wolsey School is able to offer advice and training to schools that have pupils with physical disabilities which affect their ability to move around school independently, or transfer between pieces of equipment. Further information about manual handling support can be accessed via the resources link on the website.
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